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A Top Annuity 10 Year Average is 11.04%

Example of Last 10 Year Back Casted Indexed Performance 11.04%.

Annuities provide safe, secure compound growth and lifetime income. To learn about how indexed annuities work, including past performance, you must speak to a licensed advisor. Past performance is not guarantee of future results.

The illustrated rate of 11.04% is based on back casted results for the illustrated period and does not represent actual returns for that period or a guarantee of future results

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is simply a contract with a financial institution or an insurance company that provides you a guaranteed minimum return on your investment.

Retirement advisors all agree - annuities should be part of a balanced portfolio.

So, why are annuities overlooked so often?

Why are Annuities overlooked?

Most people's eyes glaze over when you mention the word "annuities." They don't have the sex appeal of a technology stock. But, they don't have the risks either.

When the various types of annuities are explained, it just gets worse!

How to choose an Annuity?

You could spend hours doing your own research.

Or, you can get our free report that reveals the rates of various types of annuities and gives you tips on which one will fit your retirement goals.

FREE Customized Report*

*The report will be tailored to your state, age, and investment amount.

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Every other advisor I had previously contacted only gave me one or two quotes of products they wanted to sell to get their commission, not because it was really a good product for me.

Since AdvisorWorld are all independent advisors who work on a fee-based basis instead of on a commission-based structure, there is no pressure selling.

Janis McNealy

Scottsdale, AZ

AdvisorWorld set me up with an independent fee-based advisor who helped walk me through the easiest way to get out of the horrible annuity I had purchased and set me up with a more suitable annuity which increased my rate of return and even had survivor benefits for my wife as well as long-term health coverage options.

Mark Bogart

San Diego, CA

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