Investing inflation

Worried About Inflation? Don’t Be

Not that long ago, inflation was all anyone could talk about. Was it coming? Was it already here? How bad would it be? How...

Why Summer Travel 2021 Will Be a Tale of Two Americas

It's been a year, am I right?In 2021, more than any other year in memory, I think we all deserve a little time off....

The ‘Great Resignation’ is Picking Up Steam

It’s Monday. Are you planning to quit your job today? If not, you might be the only one. That’s because, according to a new study...

How to Be a Smarter Consumer in an Inflationary Environment

You might have noticed that prices on just about everything -- from gasoline, to food, to clothing and more -- seem to be on...

Worried About an IRS Audit? Don’t Be

Here’s a surprising side effect to the pandemic: the Internal Revenue Service says it conducted fewer audits last year than it has in at...

Why the World Has More Millionaires Than Ever, Despite the Pandemic

You might have heard, but there was a bit of a globanel pandemic last year and it did a number of the world's economy.In...

Just How Crazy is Today’s Job Market?

More than 9.2 million. That’s how many job openings there were around the country in May, according to the Department of Labor’s latest JOLTS report...

Inflation Expectations Just Hit an All-Time High. Should We be Worried?

If "pandemic" and "social distancing" were the concepts of 2020, "inflation" is making a strong case to be the theme of 2021. Not only is...

Workers are Quitting at ‘Historic’ Rates. Should We Be Worried?

Not too long ago, the idea of quitting a job seemed all but impossible. Where would you go? Who else would hire you? How...

It’s Time for a Financial ‘Wake-Up’ Call

Remember all those stories a few years back about how more than half of all Americans couldn't afford to cover and emergency $400 expense?...

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