Can We Really Trust Consumer Spending to Save the Economy?

We've all been looking forward to this for months. Vaccines are widely available, mask orders are ending and the country is starting to reopen. This...

The ‘Great Resignation’ is Picking Up Steam

It’s Monday. Are you planning to quit your job today? If not, you might be the only one. That’s because, according to a new study...

Why the World Has More Millionaires Than Ever, Despite the Pandemic

You might have heard, but there was a bit of a globanel pandemic last year and it did a number of the world's economy.In...

How Did Housing Prices Get So Out of Whack?

The problem: Minimum-wage workers can’t afford rent for a modest, two-bedroom apartment in 90% of U.S. counties, according to the National Low Income Housing...

Exactly How ‘Fragile’ is the U.S. Economy?

U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh made waves last week when he said in an interview that the U.S. economy is at a “fragile point”...

What Pres. Biden’s Latest Executive Order Means for Your Money

The president ran on a platform of improved workers rights and savings across the board for middle income Americans, and the administration is starting...

Why the Dropping Unemployment Rate Matters to You

The last year has been a rollercoaster ride in terms of unemployment numbers. The good news is that we finally seem to be on...

Consumer Confidence is Back. What About the Rest of Us?

In these pandemic-altered times, we can generally break down time into two parts: pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. Pre-pandemic is usually the bar that economic news is...

Why Summer Travel 2021 Will Be a Tale of Two Americas

It's been a year, am I right?In 2021, more than any other year in memory, I think we all deserve a little time off....

How to Plan for Inflation in Retirement

June just posted the largest increase in the cost of living since 2008, highlighting the spiraling power of inflation to eat away at our...

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