Report: Relief Bills Provided Americans with Real Relief

It's impossible to look at the current state of the U.S. economy without considering the impact that last year's relief bills had on everyday...

How to Plan for Inflation in Retirement

June just posted the largest increase in the cost of living since 2008, highlighting the spiraling power of inflation to eat away at our...

Inflation Expectations Just Hit an All-Time High. Should We be Worried?

If "pandemic" and "social distancing" were the concepts of 2020, "inflation" is making a strong case to be the theme of 2021. Not only is...

Used Cars Are Going for as Much as New Cars Right Now. Here’s Why

You might have heard that the automotive industry is going through a bit of a supply chain issue right now. Components, including critical chips...

Just How Crazy is Today’s Job Market?

More than 9.2 million. That’s how many job openings there were around the country in May, according to the Department of Labor’s latest JOLTS report...

How to Be a Smarter Consumer in an Inflationary Environment

You might have noticed that prices on just about everything -- from gasoline, to food, to clothing and more -- seem to be on...

The ‘Great Resignation’ is Picking Up Steam

It’s Monday. Are you planning to quit your job today? If not, you might be the only one. That’s because, according to a new study...

What Pres. Biden’s Latest Executive Order Means for Your Money

The president ran on a platform of improved workers rights and savings across the board for middle income Americans, and the administration is starting...

Worried About an IRS Audit? Don’t Be

Here’s a surprising side effect to the pandemic: the Internal Revenue Service says it conducted fewer audits last year than it has in at...

Consumer Confidence Just Hit a Record High. Does That Mean We’re Back?

Some good news popped up the other day in the form of The Conference Board’s Global Consumer Confidence Survey: consumer confidence jumped to 127.3...

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