Gen X Has Debt Problems

While sometimes it feels like the Millennials get all of the attention (both good and bad), it’s currently Generation X -- those who are...

Can We Really Trust Consumer Spending to Save the Economy?

We've all been looking forward to this for months. Vaccines are widely available, mask orders are ending and the country is starting to reopen. This...

Why Summer Travel 2021 Will Be a Tale of Two Americas

It's been a year, am I right?In 2021, more than any other year in memory, I think we all deserve a little time off....

Why the World Has More Millionaires Than Ever, Despite the Pandemic

You might have heard, but there was a bit of a globanel pandemic last year and it did a number of the world's economy.In...

Workers are Quitting at ‘Historic’ Rates. Should We Be Worried?

Not too long ago, the idea of quitting a job seemed all but impossible. Where would you go? Who else would hire you? How...

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