Workers are Quitting at ‘Historic’ Rates. Should We Be Worried?

Not too long ago, the idea of quitting a job seemed all but impossible. Where would you go? Who else would hire you? How...

Report: Relief Bills Provided Americans with Real Relief

It's impossible to look at the current state of the U.S. economy without considering the impact that last year's relief bills had on everyday...
Investing inflation

Worried About Inflation? Don’t Be

Not that long ago, inflation was all anyone could talk about. Was it coming? Was it already here? How bad would it be? How...

Consumer Confidence Just Hit a Record High. Does That Mean We’re Back?

Some good news popped up the other day in the form of The Conference Board’s Global Consumer Confidence Survey: consumer confidence jumped to 127.3...

Why the Dropping Unemployment Rate Matters to You

The last year has been a rollercoaster ride in terms of unemployment numbers. The good news is that we finally seem to be on...

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