Millions are Hitting the Road This Summer. Here’s Why


You may have heard, but 2020 was a bit of a year.

Pandemic, unrest, elections, etc. We’re all pretty much over it by now. Which is why so many people are set to hit the road this summer, despite soaring gas prices and other economic factors that typical damp down summer travel.

According to a recent GasBuddy survey, nearly 75% of Americans respondents are planning a road trip this summer, although 38% say rising gas prices are influencing their summer travel plans. 

Quote: “A lot of us are driving as a result of the very strong economy. We feel pretty good overall that gas prices are still in the $2 range in much of the country. And that’s propelling motorists to hit the road through the course of the summer.” — Patrick DeHaan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy

By the numbers: Gas prices are currently about $2.80 a gallon nationally, down from a peak earlier in June. And we might have ever further to fall, despite upcoming factors like summer hurricane season or trade complications with China potentially bumping prices back up again. 

Still, 42% of respondents told GasBuddy that they’re planning long-distance trips this year compared to 31% last year. 

What this means: It’s simple, and it’s a story that’s being repeated all over the economy. Americans are tired of 2020 and are ready to get back to normal in 2021. For many people, that means travel, and this is lining up to be one of the hottest travel and entertainment years in recent memory.

Remember the Roaring 20s? The 1920s? Of course you don’t, none of us were alive back then. But get ready for the Roaring 2020s, no matter what gas prices look like.


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