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The breach: A hacker on the tech site and underground forum Motherboard has claimed to have breached T-Mobile’s network, stealing personal data for all 100 million of its U.S. customers. 

The scale: Compromised T-Mobile customer data is said to include names, addresses, phone numbers, and Social Security numbers. In total, the hacker reportedly has roughly 30 million Social Security and driver’s license numbers selling for six bitcoins, or approximately $270,000.

T-Mobile’s response: T-Mobile is investigating the validity of the claim, according to a statement. 

Other details: According to the hacker per Motherboard, the company is aware of the breach as indicated by the fact that the hacker can no longer gain access to the servers. According to Motherboard, there does appear to be data related to T-Mobile customers available.

What to do: To prevent identity theft, T-Mobile customers should freeze credit reports with  Experian, Equifax, and Transunion as soon as possible. Placing a freeze with all three credit monitoring agencies will prevent the opening of any new accounts using a stolen Social Security number. 
Make a note: While a credit freeze is in place, you are also unable to open new credit accounts. All three credit monitoring companies allow you to open new credit even with the freeze by establishing a pin or password as an additional identity safeguard.


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